Pushing the Limits and Revealing Yourself

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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What’s the best way to know yourself? As an individual, it’s easy to say, “I know myself better than anyone else.” At times, without thinking, one can say, “You can’t tell me about myself,” because you, of all people, know what you are and aren’t capable of doing. The big question is, what is the proven method in knowing who you are? 

Well, there isn’t just one way to know. As people, we evolve and change constantly. Who you were in high school or five years ago won’t be the perfect mold and depiction of who you are now. Plus, who are today won’t necessarily be true or exactly the same tomorrow or the next day. Therefore, the best way to know who you, an every-changing individual, are is to open yourself up. 

Change+Change=Growth but Change+Change+(Development of Beliefs – Trying Situations)=Progress

Try each day to put yourself out there, experiment with new things and explore through life. You can’t possibly know yourself and what you are capable of, if you stay in the same place all your life. Get a move on and embrace change. Whether it’s a change of scenery, change of pace or change of speed, change things up! From there, see how things go. Report back to yourself and reflect on your growth and progress. If you like the results, keep it up. If not, re-work things and try something new!


The King Has Spoken!


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