Pushing Boundaries

Posted: June 18, 2014 in TIps
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Everyone gets tired of “feeling stuck” or not wanting to be stuck in the same routine. Well, it’s important to change up a daily or weekly routine to make and keep things interesting. The best ways to do so are:


  • Try something new one a week. Set up a new adventure around town, explore a new territory, try a new restaurant, etc.
  • Experiment with current things. Tweak a hairstyle, re-invent a normal outfit and even rework something like your career goals or fitness goals to give yourself some extra “umph”
  • Switch things up. If you want to move forward in a career or become more establish, change up your approach. You can’t go to a new job or new situation with an old mentality. Prepare yourself for the place you want to be. Dress like an upper-level management employee; pursue courses, workshops and training to hone your craft.

The overall message is to do something different if you want to see a difference in your life. Make a mental note of that, aim to make steps towards change and embark on something new!


-Ashley King


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